Marketing & Advertising

Web Design & Front-End Development for Agencies & Brands

Cincinnati is a big brand town and big brands are often supported by marketing and advertising agencies. As I neared graduation, I found myself a competent brand and visual designer, like many of my classmates, but I also found strength in interactive mediums like web design and development, and timeline animation in Flash.

Thanks to an observant classmate, who noticed my diverging path, I landed a design agency internship in 2009. This foot-in-the-door lead me down a pathway supporting marketing and advertising agencies, as well as marketing efforts for individual brands.

From 2009 to 2018, I completed projects, both as a full-time employee and freelancer, for Bluestone Creative, Traction, Powerhouse Factories, Durham Brand & Co., Wondergroup, Curiosity 360, Creative Department, Ample, Brandwright, Seed Strategy, BLDG, Madison Design, and the Dye Bros.


Agency logos from working in marketing and advertising.
Client logos from working as a freelancer.

Freelancing Unicorn

I completed many projects for marketing and advertising agencies, but I also completed many for individual teams. These include Lone Wolf Development, River City News (now LinkNKY), Lambda Technologies Group, Linkedu, The Devine Group, Curator Video Research, the Kentucky State Parks Group, Grote Industries, ACS, Siebel Institute of Technology, and Braxton Brewing Company.

These projects included work in web, brand, and UI/UX design, front-end development, and handing work off to development teams.

Career Switch & Return

In 2018, I took a break from marketing and advertising to teach full-time at Northern Kentucky University, but I continued to freelance UI/UX & digital product design projects. During this time I found freelance work with Polymath, Synchronize, Source Elements, GiveToGet and Visitu.

I decided to return to the marketing and advertising world at Madison Design in 2022. Using all of my skills, I designed and built digital product prototypes, brand websites, landing pages, HTML5 banner ads, emails and even an internal, digital project process.

Stepping back into the realm of freelance, I am now looking to build new relationships where I can work on UI/UX and digital product design projects.


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